The New to Canada Podcast

The New to Canada Podcast is the show to east your expat overwhelm and be inspired by other newcomers’ stories.

Each week, host Kate Johnson, chats with a fellow international and learns all about where they are from in the world and why they chose Canada as their new home.

No matter if you’ve just arrived in Canada or been here for years, this is the show to share our unique challenges, triumphs, and revelations as we build our new lives here!

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Episode 10

Ollie & Shonagh (Backpacking Craic) from Kilkenny, Ireland, share their experiences travelling together through 31 countries and how they ended up living long-term in Vancouver. Their honest account of the ups and downs is delivered alongside hilarious stories and lessons learnt along the way. We cover key relationships tips and how to support each other through big life changes, the struggle to find work and make friends in Canada, and the best areas to research before you move.

Episode 9

Express Entry is the most common pathway chosen by skilled internationals in the quest for Canadian Permanent Residency. In this episode, Veronica Wilson from Roots Immigration Law breaks down the application process step-by-step and shares some frequent mistakes she sees that we should avoid. Veronica is an inspirational lawyer who has dedicated her time to changing the narrative around immigration and helping talented refugees to fill labour shortages in Canada.

Episode 8

Have you been told that you “lack Canadian work experience” after applying for a job in Canada?
This episode’s guest, Adobea Foli from Start Grow Pivot moved from Ghana, Africa to Vancouver 5 years ago. She explains what employers actually mean when they give this rejection reason and what newcomers can do to boost their credibility and improve their hiring chances in Canada. We also chat about her life growing up in Ghana, her jet-set childhood visiting family around the world and what she thinks of daily life in Vancouver as a nature-avoiding city girl!

Episode 7

Canada’s beautiful nature and multi-cultural inclusivity OR the American dream? This episode’s guest, Surya Dhulipala, has lived, studied and worked in both countries! Originally from Mumbai, India, Surya earned his PhD in Texas before moving to Canada to pursue a career in Environmental Science. We talk about his experiences as an immigrant in both Canada and the US, and he shares some important advice on climate change and what we can do in our day-to-day lives to help.

Episode 6

Packing up and shipping your belongings overseas… Where to even begin? This episode’s guest (expat YouTuber Andrea van Niekerk) shares her experience sending a 40ft container from South Africa to Canada and runs through her best tips for saving money and making the process as quick and painless as possible. We also chat about making new friends as an adult and the challenges parents face when helping your children adjust to the move. Andrea’s passion for her country and helping newcomers is astounding.

Episode 5

Starting a business in Canada is a goal that many immigrants strive towards. Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you that it IS achievable. Enter this episode’s guest: @karlabriones. Karla is a serial immigrant entrepreneur who helps other newcomers launch and grow successful businesses of their own. In this episode, we learn where her passion came from as she shares her family’s immigration story. Leaving instability and drug cartel violence behind, Karla and her family drove for 5 days in a U-Haul from Mexico to Canada. Their resulting journey of relentless setbacks and unbreakable ambition will leave you in awe.

Episode 4

Culture Shock is that disorientating feeling that you don’t quite “fit in” with the customs, attitudes or daily life in your new home. In this episode, @ashleighkatebaker, an Australian expat living in Vancouver, shares her personal experience with culture shock in her career; and runs through the different ways that it could be manifesting itself for you. We then chat about reverse culture shock: When you go back to your native country and suddenly feel like a foreigner! Yet another crazy symptom of moving abroad…

Episode 3

Learning English by moving to an English-speaking country? That’s what this episode’s guest did!
Astrid Moulin is a French blogger (@fringinto) & Digital Marketing Expert. In this episode, she shares her story of moving to Toronto without any English language skills and how she threw herself into the challenge. Now, 6 years later and fluent in 3 languages, she’s giving back to other newcomers like her and offering advice on how you can adjust, integrate and build a life that you love.

Episode 2

Building a career and network in Canada can feel like a huge challenge. The biggest struggles can be your lack of connections as well as resume & interview expectations. In Episode 2, we sit down with David Mendoza, Director of Orbit 5, who has 10 years of experience helping internationals discover their career path and transition successfully into Canadian life. David shares his inspiring journey from Colombia to the UK, and then eventually to Canada, in search of career fulfillment and happiness – and how you can find it too!

Episode 1

Homesickness sucks – and it’s more common than you think! In this 1st introductory episode, get to know your host @thehomewanderers as she shares her best tips to help you feel better when you miss your loved ones and the country you left behind. She also shares the adventure-packed story behind her move to Canada (Hint: It involves a paradise island in Thailand and a tanned Canadian backpacker…)