Kate Johnson

Hi, I’m Kate Johnson, and I’ve always been the ‘foreign’ one in the room!
After living and working long-term in 5 different countries, I understand the challenges that come with uprooting your life. Since moving from England to Canada in 2017, I’ve battled through feeling unsettled, overwhelmed, homesick and isolated – and now it’s my mission to support others as they jump into their journey abroad.

Xpat Xpo started as a trail-blazing networking event for internationals living in Toronto. Now, we are expanding to offer empowering resources to all newcomers to Canada as they build new lives here.

Through our online community and brand-new podcast, I’ll be sharing expertise and coaching to combat common expat struggles. We’ll recommend our favourite products & services that can significantly help ease your transition to Canadian life; and expats from all provinces will be sharing their inspiring ‘why’ behind their move to Canada. We are all in this together and I invite you to join me as we uncover our diverse challenges and triumphs.

This community is for you if you:

  • Want to find like-minded newcomers to Canada to share ups and downs with and be inspired by.
  • Are looking for a little help to feel more confident, happier or more successful in Canada; whether you’ve recently arrived or been here for years.
  • Love hearing intimate stories from travellers & adventurers, as well as learning about different cultures.

I’m so happy you’re here


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